What Type of Fabric You Choose For Your Pillowcase Matters
Did you know that the average person will spend about 26 years of their life sleeping?  And we spend another 7 years TRYING to fall asleep.  With data like that, the pillowcase you sleep on matters!!! Most of us are...
Self Care Tips You Can Implement During COVID-19 and Your Everyday Life
There is no doubt that the COVID-19 has changed us all and how we live!  Although we may have little control over the big picture at the moment,  we can take control of many of the “little things” we do...
You are reading this correctly ....Rub some FAT(lipids) into your skin. Here is Why
Okay, I am not suggesting you go out and buy a piece of fat from the grocery and rub it on your skin (yuck).  However, high end skincare products are now available that provide the "fat glue" (Fats) our skin loses over time due to age and irritation that can make our skin weaker as a barrier and ultimately lead to moisture loss and dry, irritated skin. 
Skin Changes after 40

The aging of the skin starts the moment we are born.  But the effects of time start to become apparent around our 30's ,40's and beyond.  About 20% of our genetics play a role in aging skin the other 80% is somewhat controllable !!!  So, it is never too early or too late to take ownership of a good skin care routine and educate yourself on proper skin maintenance and health.