Skin Changes after 40

Aging of the skin starts the moment we are born.  But the effects of time start to become apparent around our 30's ,40's and beyond.  About 20% of our genetics play a role in aging skin the other 80% is somewhat controllable !!!  So, it is never too early or too late to take ownership of a good skin care routine and educate yourself on proper skin maintance and health.

What is happening to our skin as we age? 

 When women go through peri-menopause and reach menopause , levels of estrogen, the female hormone starts to drop. Estrogen has a number of functions, including regulating the moisture levels of your skin and contributing to the production of collagen. Collagen is a fibre that improves the strength and elasticity of the skin, as the formation of collagen declines,  wrinkles may begin to develop and the skin barrier weakens and moisture is lost.  

Therefore as the level of estrogen in your body falls, so does the amount of collagen and skin-moistening oils produced.  your skin may become dry and irritated.  In women estrogen drops dramatically so skin changes associated with aging occur quicker than in men.

Men also have changing hormones around this time period  from lower testosterone  production.  Sometimes called "male menopause”   or andropause.  Male hormone levels decline at a slower more even pace and not as rapidly.  So, men experience hormonal skin aging at a slower rate.  Lucky them!!!

Here are a few changes that start to occur in skin over 40:

- PH changes occur in the skin as we  age from a more acidic balance to a more alkaline balance

-we lose cholesterol and ceramides  (good for you FAT) from the skin

-skin becomes thinner

-skin tone changes

-bone density changes on our face which causes sagging of skin

The good news!!!  and it is  A LOT ...aging is a GIFT!!  Not everyone gets to enjoy!  We do have control over many aspects of our skin health from using quality skincare products that can slow down the aging process , balanced nutrition. healthy lifestyle choices (wearing sunscreen etc.,) and proper education to maintain healthy skin and slow down the aging process .


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Health and Happiness,

Mary McGovern