What Type of Fabric You Choose For Your Pillowcase Matters

Did you know that the average person will spend about 26 years of their life sleeping?  And we spend another 7 years TRYING to fall asleep.  With data like that, the pillowcase you sleep on matters!!!

Most of us are well aware of how important getting enough sleep is for both our overall health and well-being and for the health of our skin. Okay, it’s crazy to think that we spend a third of our life sleeping, but we do!! News alert! What type of fabric you choose for your pillowcase matters! The type of fabric you use as a pillowcase can be an improvement to your overall health.  As you sleep for 7 to 8 hours every night 365 days a year, you can sleep in positions that can irritate and wrinkle your facial skin. 

Most of us sleep on a cotton pillowcase which can be rough - it may cause “sheering" or pulling of fragile skin tissue that will lead to trauma of skin cells over time. The average cotton pillowcase pulls moisture from your skin and will absorb most of those wonderful night time skincare products you use. The products won't be absorbed by your skin and will instead end up in the cotton fabric wasting valuable skincare products and money. 

Silk fabric, on the other hand, limits the pulling and friction of the skin while you are sleeping.  Silk is an interesting fabric -  it is identified by its weight called momme instead of thread count.  So, the higher the momme number the more silk it has per yard. Most silk pillowcases are 16 to 18mm (momme). The pillowcase we offer is the highest quality and weight -  25mm. -nothing but the best for you!! 

Below is a listing of all the wonderful benefits of a 25mm silk pillow case

  1. Silk does not dehydrate your skin like cotton. Cotton absorbs 30% of its weight in liquid drawing moisture away from the skin. Silk preserves your skin's moisture balance which helps the skin stay softer and look more youthful.
  2. Silk contains 18 amino acids and natural proteins that help counter the effect of aging by increasing skin cell metabolism. It also has a smooth texture which limits pulling of the delicate facial skin.
  3. Silk allows skincare products to stay on the skin.  So, nighttime creams and serums will not transfer onto silk as easily as cotton, allowing these items to stay on the skin and work through the night instead of rubbing off.
  4. Silk retains very few germs due to the structure of its fibers. Also, with high-quality silk the fibers are so tight there is little space for dust and other allergens to settle that can cause irritation
  5. Silk is amazing for your hair! It helps prevent frizz and split ends. Silk keeps your hair moisturized and preserves a hairstyle by not pulling the hair.
  6. Silk is a great temperature regulator keeping you cool when hot and warm when cool thus allowing your temperature to be maintained while sleeping, which can really help those with hot flashes or other hormonal imbalances.

     25mm is the ultimate in luxury for a pillowcase, with more silk in the fabric giving the pillowcase more luster and resilience.   Provide yourself with a pillowcase that will give you the ultimate sleeping experience.  Royalty has enjoyed this fabric for centuries, isn’t it time for you to treat yourself like a royal!