Smart Antimicrobial Hand Lotion

While out and about, cross-contamination from one object to another is inevitable. You go from touching a t-shirt on the rack, to rubbing your eyes- usually without even thinking about it. Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize: this is the new mantra nowadays. With all of this exposure to highly potent alcohol, it is no surprise that severely dry, irritated hands are the result. The hands are very delicate- as are your nails and cuticles. Constant subjection to harsh chemical sanitizers can have damaging effects on your body’s healthy bacteria and acid mantle. 

            It is virtually impossible to completely prevent cross-contamination and live your normal day-to-day lifestyle. While there are many different forms, and severities, it is important to always be prepared to rid your hands of dirty germs. Using traditional sanitizers all day long can leave your hands feeling cracked, dry and overall uncomfortable. Our Smart Antimicrobial Hand Lotion is the epitome of safe, effective, and elegantly formulated. This sanitizing lotion combines 0.13% Benzalkonium Chloride with Geranium, Ginseng, Calendula and Sage Extracts to gently cleanse your hands while delivering intense hydration. We also included probiotic technology, as the balance of good and bad bacteria on the skin is crucial to overall health. Lactococcus Ferment Lysate, an innovative probiotic anti-aging compound, works to increase the production of antimicrobial peptides making it a powerhouse ingredient. What makes this product so unique is the silky lotion texture. That is something you do not see in conventional sanitizing agents; it does not feel as clinical, and certainly does not disappoint. 

            Now, if your hands have already suffered the consequences of harsh alcohol, you need to focus on repairing the damage. The more your hands are stripped of their natural lipids, the more flakey they appear. For anyone who is not familiar, lipids play an important role in your skin’s barrier function. They live in the Stratum Corneum (the very top layer of the epidermis) and hold the cells together like glue to trap in moisture. This is also known as the skin’s “lipid barrier” and must be protected at all costs. Compromising this barrier weakens its function and ability to protect against moisture loss. Our Lux Lipid Therapy is the perfect addition to your hand care regimen. This rich serum replenishes vital lipids and restores your skin’s moisture balance. While safe for usage on the face and body as well, its indication for hands works miracles to combat dehydration and cracked skin.  2-3 drops are all you need to feel the fortifying effects; the combination of our Smart Antimicrobial Hand Lotion and Lux Lipid Therapy creates an ideal hydrating hand-sanitizing cocktail. Start by applying your antimicrobial hand lotion, and lock in the protective benefits with your lipid therapy serum. These two go hand in hand, literally.

            Skincare should not be limited to just your face-your hands deserve love too! The consistent irritation of excessive sanitizing and washing does not allow the skin to take a break and heal. At the very least, using high-quality hand care products will deliver nutrients and moisture right back into the skin.