Soothe Silk Pillow Case - 25 Momme

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Use this to enhance the quality of your skin health while you sleep.

  • Silk contains 18 amino acids and natural proteins that help counter the effects of aging by increasing skin cell metabolism. It also has a smooth texture which limits pulling of the delicate facial skin.
  • Silk does not dehydrate your skin like cotton. Cotton absorbs 30% of its weight in liquid, drawing moisture away from the skin. Silk preserves your skin's moisture balance, which helps the skin stay softer and look more youthful.
  • Silk allows skincare products to stay on the skin. So, nighttime creams and serums will not transfer onto silk as easily as cotton, allowing these items to stay on the skin and work through the night, instead of rubbing off.
  • Silk retains very few germs due to the structure of its fibers. Also, the tight weave of high-quality silk fibers leaves little space for dust and other allergens to settle and cause irritation.
  • Silk is amazing for your hair! It helps prevent frizz and split ends. Silk keeps your hair moisturized and preserves a hairstyle by not pulling the hair.
  • Silk is a great temperature regulator keeping you cool, when hot and warm when cool thus, allowing your temperature to be maintained while sleeping, which can really help those with hot flashes or other hormonal imbalance.

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Soothe Silk Pillow Case - 25 Momme
Mulberry Magic 25 Momme Silk Pillow Case
Soothe Silk Pillow Case - 25 Momme
Mulberry Magic 25 Momme Silk Pillow Case